This is a step by step guide which explains the end to end process of starting futures trading at PMEX.

Step 1 – Selection of Broker

Click here to choose your prefered broker.

Step 2 – Account Opening

Upon selecting a PMEX registered broker, go to the broker’s website and follow the subsequent steps:

Step# 1: Click digital account opening section. Fill the form and submit. 

Step# 2: The customer will receive a User ID and Password for broker’s dashboard through an email.

Step# 3: Upon logging into the broker’s dashboard, the customer will enter the User ID and Password. A confirmation message for email registration will be appear on the screen with the login button.

Step# 4: Click the login button, the customer will receive an OTP via SMS. Enter the OTP to finalize the login process for the broker’s dashboard.

Step# 5: Within 24 hours of submission of OTP, the customer will receive PMEX notification via email with trading system credentials

Step# 6: Utilize the provided credentials to log in to the back office and authorize the profile.

Step 3 – Funds Deposit

To safeguard the interest of the investors, PMEX has introduced a unique Automated Direct Fund Mode (ADFM). Under this arrangement, the customers can deposit their margins directly with the Exchange, as well as, take withdrawals directly into their bank accounts without the involvement of broker(s). The DFM empowers the customers to get complete control over their funds at all times and restricts the role of the brokers primarily to servicing the existing customers and soliciting new businesses.

Brokers and their customers can transfer their funds to PMEX in the following ways:

a. Online Transactions

b. Over-The-Counter (OTC) Transactions

Step 6 – Start Trading

Once the customer deposits the funds, he will log onto the MT5 trading platform and start trading.

To strengthen the knowledge about futures trading at PMEX, you are advised to do the following:

Register for Webinar on Zoom

Register for Webinar on Zoom scheduled on every Wednesday at 04:00 PM PST