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Pakistan Mercantile Exchange is the first technology driven, web-based, demutualized commodity exchange in Pakistan. It is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has a 100 % Institutional shareholding.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited started its operations in May 2007 as a fully electronic exchange with nationwide reach. PMEX is committed to provide a world-class commodity futures trading platform for market participants to trade in a wide spectrum of commodity derivatives, driven by best global practices, professionalism and transparency.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange is the first Exchange in Pakistan to employ modern risk management techniques based on Value-at-Risk with a pre-trade risk check in real time. The Exchange acts as a central counterparty to both buyers and sellers through a novation process and provide clearing & settlement on a T+0 basis using on-line bank transfer mechanism.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange has an Institutional shareholding and the shareholders include National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited, LSE Financial Services Limited, Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited, ISE Towers REIT Management Company Limited, Pak Kuwait Investment Company (Pvt.) Limited, and Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange recently changed its name from National Commodity Exchange Limited to better reflect its broad mandate and scope of activity to trade all types of futures contracts.

You can Buy, Sell, Trade, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Other Commodity Futures at PMEX.

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PMEX Daily Volumes

Date: 23-March-17

Metals/Energy and





Vol(Rs.): 408,325

Vol(lots): 1

PMEX Commodity Index


Change -0.25%


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